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An acting career that spans more than 15 years, with credits across commercial, television, short and feature length mediums, Lara’s career made a sizeable impact with her leading role in the YTV television series Monster Warriors on YTV of which they completed 52 episodes. Other notable film and television credits include Radio Free Roscoe, Flashpoint, Private Eyes, Warehouse 13, and Land of the Dead. Recently, Lara has been working steadily having booked the lead role in the Lifetime Original Deadly Mom Retreat as well as supporting roles in Christmas on Wheels (Lifetime), Rule Book of Love (M6) and A Perfect Match (Vortex Productions). When not in front of the camera, Lara has gained experience helping to produce a number of films, and recently has started working as a writer, having landed a coveted spot in the WIFT-T’s Pitch It Masterclass as well as the WIFT Short Digital Series Incubator. As a diverse woman from South Asian descent, Lara has completed writing her first short and feature length films and is in the development and pitch stage with a number of other projects. An integral member of the Canadian film industry, Lara is focussing on expanding her brand, having translated a successful career as a sommelier in Toronto into a short series made for Facebook and YouTube by US Company Thrillist, called Wine and Cheeseburger, alongside the charismatic food influencer Harley Morenstein (Epic Meal Time). Through this new venture, she has been able to expand her reach, introducing herself to new audiences while exploring her passions in acting, writing and the world of wine. A diverse woman in her 30’s, Lara brings a fresh and creative voice to any team she joins.